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About Your New Home, The Retailing Evolved Society®

Inside, your product-based business is nurtured by our Retail Consultants from [IDEA] to [HOUSEHOLD NAME], and everything in-between.

Our online + offline network empowers business owners with the tools, knowledge, strategies, and resources needed to not only compete, but THRIVE profitably in today's ever-evolving retail landscape.

Welcome to our global family of Visionaries that are goal-oriented, vision-driven, and committed to building their business "the right way".

Inside you will discover exactly what you need to drive sustainable growth for your retail or e-commerce business.

It's free to come inside and network!  If you'd like to learn + grow with us, here's what we offer:

Why You Should Move In

Does this sound painfully familiar?

You’ve wasted money on ads with no return. You've been charged for googleable information (Yep. We're making that a word).  Everyone seems to be telling you what to do, but no one is showing you HOW to do it - and even when you do attempt what you’ve learned, no one is there for support to make sure you are successful.

That stops the second you move in.

We've heard this so many times - you’ve read countless books, listened to numerous podcast episodes, watched countless webinars, taken the trip down winding sales funnels, spent tons of money on courses and workshops, bought vendor lists, but something is STILL missing.

Ding ding ding!  It’s Merchandising - the buzz word that no one is talking about.

And that is because most "gurus" are business generalists.

Our team has 100+ years of combined experience working exclusively with brands and retailers.

Merchandising is having the

  • right products

  • at the right time

  • at the right price

  • at the right place

  • with the right promotion

  • with the right people.

Merchandising should be the core of every product-based business (aka yours) and at the forefront of all decisions.

Here's the kicker:

All large retailers and brands are run by their merchandising departments.  It is the missing critical piece in most small and medium-sized business’ strategies and joining us here closes that gap.

If you aren’t approaching your decisions from a merchandising perspective, you are missing out on productivity, customers, conversion, and most of all - sales.

And what we teach inside the Society is all from a Merchandising Perspective.

Who Are Your Housemates?

You have a team of Consultants who serve as your Property Management Team, driving your success.

Hi! I'm DeAnna McIntosh, your Lead House Manager!

I'm a Global Retail Consultant have been in the retail industry for 16+ years in various capacities and can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you!  You can message me anytime here inside the House.  My job is to ensure you have a great experience and constantly see results from the strategies you implement inside our Startup Accelerator and Live Coaching Program!

Your Housemates are Retail and E-commerce Visionaries that...

  • are committed to starting and running their businesses "the right way", being strategic in all they do
  • have a long-term vision for their company
  • aren't looking for a get rich quick scheme or to "cut corners" as much as possible
  • value community over competition and understand the value of joining a family like ours where their business will be nurtured and grow with a solid support system.  We love each other.
  • know that Google University doesn't hand out degrees, and look to experts who have worked in the field and have real-life, proven strategies to teach
  • understand that it takes money to make money, and don't hesitate to invest in getting the help they need in the areas they're lacking

    at different stages of business...

  • Startup: in the process of starting their brand, brick and mortar store, or e-commerce business and taking steps to prepare to launch
  • Established and growing: have established businesses that they are looking to increase sales and productivity for and to begin dominating their niche and industry
  • Dominating and expanding: killing it and are looking for higher level strategies to continue accelerating their business growth

...and are passionate about building companies that will change the narrative, face, and future of retail.

  • They believe that Retail is not dead, and work to prove that every single day (like we do)
  • They're looking to build a business that leaves a legacy for themselves and their families

No matter what stage you're in, there's room for you here.

What To Expect Once You Move In

We equip you with Fortune 100-proven strategies, systems, and processes that large brands + retailers utilize to drive:

and productivity at a higher level.

Here's an example of the level of expertise we provide:


You can expect:

  • Your own Support Team 
  • Sales, margin, conversion and traffic increases from the corporate-level strategies you implement
  • A revitalized plan for your business and financial targets to hit
  • New sales channels to explore
  • Drastically less unproductive inventory and markdowns
  • A design / buying plan for your products
  • More time at your disposal to do what you love from creating and enhancing systems + processes
  • A business that is fulfilling and rewarding

P.S. Your Home at Retailing Evolved is available on your desktop AND via mobile app!

Get inspiration you just have to share, or have questions while you're on the go?  Reach Society Members in seconds who can't wait to respond!

What You Have To Lose

Let's be honest (we always are), it can be scary to invest in your business.

Here's what it looks like when you don't:

  • 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open
  • Only 47% of all start-up retailers are still in operation four years after their launch
  • Only 1 / 3 of businesses make it past their 10th anniversary

These statistics are largely due to poor planning - which leads to not having enough funding, or not actually having a market for your products, and numerous other issues.

This is exactly why when you move in, the first thing you do is define your overall business strategyand we then work together to enhance and refine that plan - exposing you to strategies and concepts that Google can't provide.

The Future of Retail Depends On Your Business Reaching Its Full Potential.

We're here to support you in that!

A Note From Darlene, One of Your House Managers

Dear Visionary (that’s you),

First, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to allow me to speak to you via this note.  As a fellow entrepreneur, I know your time is limited, and I hope by now you have seen that we are not just another “coach”, “strategist”, “expert” or “guru” trying to sell you their course, mastermind, or signature program.  There are no funnels or sales traps anywhere on this platform.

This platform was made for YOU.  I wanted to create an interactive way for brands and retailers to receive merchandising consulting on a regular basis in a way that’s easily consumable and less cost-intensive than working with us one-on-one, for those who need it.

You deserve to have the same tools + strategies as the big brands.  Once you join us, you absolutely will.

Success is all yours,

Darlene Mitchell
One of Your House Managers
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