Retailing Evolved.
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Retail Is Not Dead.

It Has Evolved.

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You’ve finally found the platform with the tools and guidance to run your retail business passionately + profitably.


You’re tired of hearing (or seeing on your social feed) “advertise more” or “post on social media and blog more” or “you need to find your purpose” and we are tired of it too.

It’s only led you to wasting money on ads with no return. Being charged for google-able information. Everyone telling you what to do, but no one showing you HOW to do it - and when you do attempt what you’ve learned, no one is there for support and making sure you are successful.

That stops here.

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You’ve read many books, listened to numerous podcast episodes, watched countless webinars, taken the trip down winding sales funnels, spent tons on courses and workshops, but something is STILL missing.

It’s Merchandising - the buzz word that no one is talking about (but us).



having the right products (at the right time), at the right price, at the right place, with the right promotion, with the right people.

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Merchandising should be the core of every product-based business and at the forefront of all your decisions

All large retailers are run by their merchandising departments. It is the missing critical piece in most small and medium-sized business’ strategies and this platform closes that gap

Join this community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we have exactly what you need to drive your business - the right, sustainable way.

How Our Retail Merchandising Consultants Support You Every Single Day



Clients work with us because we provide comprehensive information and step-by-step strategies for you to execute for your boutique or e-commerce shop.


Event Experiences

Connecting digitally is great, but connecting in person is even better. We curate national and international merchandising experiences for you to strategize new ways to grow your business + learn alongside other entrepreneurs.


Classes + Challenges

While webinars can be great for some topics, we are passionate about getting to know you and the unique personality of your business. For that reason, we host classes which are conducted as live and interactive video training vs. one-sided webinars.


Tools + Resources

Instead of you wasting time reading countless blogs, articles, each individual company’s website, we’ve compiled a list of tools and resources that will help you in running your boutique or e-commerce shop.


Search below for what you need help with today

DeAnna McIntosh, Chief Global Strategist

DeAnna McIntosh, Chief Global Strategist


Meet DeAnna

Chief Global Strategist

This platform was made for YOU. I wanted to create an interactive way for brands and retailers to receive merchandising consulting on a regular basis in a way that’s easily consumable and less cost-intensive than working with us one-on-one, for those who need it.

Run Your Business With

Purpose + Strategy.


If you’re interested in exploring one-on-one consulting tailored to your unique business,

click here to visit our sister site. Services starting at $3,500.