The Retailing Evolved Society®
The Retailing Evolved Society®
DeAnna McIntosh

Welcome to The Retailing Evolved Society®

A Passionate & Diverse Group Of Entrepreneurs Defining + Disrupting The Future of Retail Every Day.

Hi there!

I'm DeAnna McIntosh, and I created this space for YOU.

I'm so excited to welcome you to your business's new home, The Retailing Evolved Society®.

I'm a Retail Business Coach + Consultant, have been in the retail industry for 16+ years in various capacities, and this network is the breeding ground for Retail Industry Disruptors!

My job is to train you to create and build a retail business that has a solid foundation for long-term growth (and that you see that growth happen on repeat), that stands apart from all else in your niche, and that leaves a lasting legacy for you and your family. 

Welcome to our global family of Disruptors-in-Chiefs that are goal-oriented, vision-driven, and committed to building a business that will outlast them.

This online + offline network empowers you with the tools, knowledge, strategies, and resources needed to not only compete, but DISRUPT and THRIVE profitably in today's ever-evolving retail landscape.

You will soon discover exactly what you need to drive sustainable growth for your brick-and-mortar or e-commerce business.

It's free to come inside and network!

If you'd like to learn + grow with us, we'd love to be a part of your business success story!

It all starts with this free assessment.

Ok, so who are your Housemates (aka fellow Disruptors-in-Chiefs) already inside?

Your Housemates are Brick and Mortar and E-commerce Visionaries that...

  • are committed to starting and running their businesses "the right way", being strategic in all they do

  • have a long-term vision for their company

  • aren't looking for a get rich quick scheme or to "cut corners" as much as possible

  • value community over competition and understand the value of joining a family like ours where their business will be nurtured and grow with a solid support system.  We love each other.

  • know that Google University doesn't hand out degrees, and look to experts who have worked in the field and have real-life, proven strategies to teach

  • understand that it takes money to make money, and don't hesitate to invest in getting the help they need in the areas they're lacking

    at different stages of business...

  • Startup: in the process of starting their brand, brick and mortar store, or e-commerce business and taking steps to prepare to launch

  • Established and growing: have established businesses that they are looking to increase sales and productivity for and to begin dominating their niche and industry

  • Dominating and expanding: killing it and are looking for higher-level strategies to continue accelerating their business growth

...and are passionate about building companies that will not only change, but disrupt the narrative, face, and future of retail.

  • They believe that Retail is not dead, and work to prove that every single day (like we do)

  • They're looking to build a business that leaves a legacy for themselves and their families

No matter what stage you're in, there's room for you here.

See you inside!

P.S. Your Home at Retailing Evolved® is available on your desktop AND via mobile app!

Got inspiration you just have to share or have questions while you're on the go?  Reach Society Members in seconds who can't wait to respond!

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